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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nothing Tastes Better Than a Tongue - Gross Ads 1944

I thought I'd seen it all, but every time I go looking for old ads, I find something more shocking. This is an ad from Woman's Day magazine, 1944. I realize there was a war on between shortages and the need to create meals that could also be consumed on the front lines - these specialty meats became more prevalent.  Limited options and high prices are what likely put these on the table. Take it from Hattie the Hackie.
Woman's Day ad from 1944 Derby meat products
Maybe it was tasty, and thanks to 40 summers of hot dogs, I have already consumed my share of tongue and other sections that shall be nameless.

Tongue is just one of those marketing words for "end bits that have no name," right? It isn't really tongue, as in tongue tongue?  Wow. War really is hell.
Tamales in a jar?


  1. Tongue is really tongue. And it is absolutely delicious. I buy cow tongues from my neighborhood meat market regularly, and chow down on 'em after boiling (50 minutes per pound). Superb with mustard. It's not gross -- think of it as appreciating as much as possible an animal that died for your table.

  2. Thanks Allan! Well, bite my tongue. I apologize for slighting that which other may find delectable. Someday, when I get the nerve I will try it, along with some green eggs and ham.


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