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Friday, February 27, 2015

Time To Go Skiing...or is it Skeeing?

Winter has been, between the frequent storms and unrelenting cold, a consistent pain in the back. The only ones benefiting have been the ski mountains, resorts and skiers. 

My only solace has been consistently finding old papers which should have disappeared long ago. This article is from an edition of The Youth’s Companion in 1893 and became especially interesting when I saw the article title.

I had never seen the spelling of Ski as “Skee,” so it wasn’t just the 11 inches of snow outside my window, but my interest in the etymology of the word that keep me interested.

Reading the rest of the article it is clear that this relatively new sport to 19th century Americans can be done relatively inexpensively. However, to the rest of the planet Skiis have been around since before 5000BC. 

According to Wikipedia skis were found in Russia that dated back closer to 6500BC. The word itself has a Norse origin meaning stick of wood. How about that?

I wonder if Ikea sells something like a stick of wood…what would they call it?


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