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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Victorian Views: A Barren Hill and an Awesome Pram (1904?)

I wish I knew the date of this glass negative I've just processed...
It looks like a recently de-forrested hillside, which could be anywhere. The origin is more interesting. With the recent snowfall, and the threat of still more snow, the 40-minute rides to find the best sales are risky. When this happens, I look locally to the antique and salvage shops in my area hoping for something to lift my spirits.
Saturday, at a place called Attic Salvage on Route 7/202 in Brookfield, CT I found a basement store run by Dominic Sinacore. Having seen Dominic at several sales over the years, this was more of an opportunity to get re-acquainted and see what he has found to stock his store. I found the image above, but before it looked like that...
It looked like this. Looking through the hundreds of items Dominic has in his Basement store, I found a familiar friend - a box of Stanley Dry Photographic Plates (I wrote about them Here)- and I began looking through each until I found one with some detail. Although I didn't buy them (Sorry, Dominic!) I promised to process one and then email it back to him. Maybe a positive would help them sell? I found something else, but that's a post for another day. 

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