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Saturday, November 21, 2015

If you are going for Exposure...make sure it's a double

I am all about old photos. They are a doorway to the past, they offer up a glimpse of how things used to be. When a good friend recently picked up a large lot of, not only print photos, but celluloid and glass negatives, I dropped into image restoration mode. There are hundreds and if you keep dropping or follow me, you will see them as I post them. Here are the first of them.
 No year or label but the detail in this home is amazing. It is hard to believe it wasn't arranged for the photo, but there's no telling.
This is a double exposure, unheard of with digital photography, but it used to happen when you were processing your own negatives. Click the image for something larger. This effect makes the subjects very dream-like.
Look more closely for clues in each of these. There is more story to tell....and more negatives to share.

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