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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Money Found in a 1970 Envelope - Honestly!

Priceless! The opportunity to see a snapshot of good people being themselves as though in a museum. This is what Urban Archeology is to me. The letter below was found in a box of papers purchased at a sale some time ago. It reveals two acts of kindness - and maybe a good life lesson:
Found Money in a letter
Mary sold her fudge at the fair, but was actually picked up by a friend. Mary accepted money she was not due and upon realizing it (after the Fair had ended) wants to set things right and mails the money to the appropriate person.
$1.25 for a pound of homemade fudge, which today might cost anywhere from $6 to $16 is a fair amount to make off with, unintentionally in 1970.  Mary set things right. But I see a second act of kindness here in that, Miss Johnson didn't get it back to the Bakery committee. Why? Because after the Fair is over; the books are closed and possibly money can't be accounted back in. Rather than send it back to Mary, who has suffered some consternation (noted by the detail in the letter), she holds the money in limbo for more than 40 years. Hidden, until they are both gone and no one involved is ever again disturbed by the misunderstanding.
The way I have described this I think makes for a good life lesson when considering money owed and the protection and preservation of someone's feelings. Miss Johnson saw the value in weighing the "best" thing against the "right" thing. 

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