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Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Shouldn't even happen to a dog!

Greyhound racing has been around for over 100 years and according the the Greyhound Racing Association is still going strong. If you're a fan, that's good news. If you're like the rest of us. well, I've seen Greyhound rescues and it's not pretty. I'd prefer to watch the buses chase a rabbit skin around a dirt track. However, if you like old paper and illustrations and remnants of things gone by...
sports, 1950, Florida, gambling, Dogssports, 1950, Florida, gambling, Dogs
 Opened in 1930 this Miami area race track was part of a racing/gambling boom in the depression era. So popular that daytime races had to be moved or included at night because people weren't showing up for work.
The thing I want to draw to your attention here is the right column showing where the program is sold. Worse than losing all those daily papers (curse you internet!!!) was losing all those mom and pop (mostly pop it seems) news stands.
 From Balik's Sundries to Ray's Pine Oil Service Station, I am sure they are all gone.
More fun than reading the names on the news stands was looking at the names of the dogs in the races.
sports, 1950, Florida, gambling, Dogs
 Reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon that should be embedded below:  Anncr: "Father's Mustache looks a little droopy! Motorman's Glove will have a hand in it!..."
Finally here is the News page for all the updates a Flagler.
sports, 1950, Florida, gambling, Dogs
 I'm betting on Beach Comber!

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