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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Inside or out - Digging in the past is time well spent.

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Inside or out - Digging in the past is time well spent. Connecticut residents might be familiar with the Norwalk Oyster Festival, and after a sale last week I found out how large the Oyster industry was in CT and All New England. Photographing old bottles is not easy - so I will transcribe: “Patience Island Oyster Company, New Haven CT.” I first thought this was a pint milk bottle- nope- this would have been filled with shelled Oysters. The real mystery was trying figure out when Patience Island is in CT. It isn’t. The Island is located in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. In the 19th Century it would have as it’s only resident on the 200+ acre island -an Oysterman’s shack, with a single occupant whose job was to watch over the beds. Why a CT company chose a name that was a good day’s sail away maybe speaks to the size a quality of the beds and their Oysters. Not the slight purple hue on the bottle.
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