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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

There Tiffany, and then there's TIFFANY!

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The next time someone says “Do you want me to hand it to you on a SilverPlatter?” You say, “No thank you. The copper platter will be just fine.” Especially if the platter is an enamel-covered Tiffany one. I was helping a friend of mine clear out her parents estate recently, and among the many pieces her parents had collected was this one. Wisely, she had arranged an appraiser who had a vast knowledge and experience with fine antiques. It was amazing to see him hold this up flip it over and nonchalantly exclaim, “This is worth $50,000.” So, the next time anyone wonders why you want to dig in the past, you could say “I have my reasons... Like 50k of them."

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