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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The '51 is Ford Tough!

A nice piece of Automotive ephemera. I would have posted this sooner but it literally folds out from this larger business-sized envelope:

 Aside for the brilliant colors I really liked this mailer because the stamp and tiny post mark show it has come directly from Detroit. Hey! It's their truck - the local dealer is just selling it. I'd say that ideology of pride in manufacturing cars has all but gone. Too bad because this Ford was awesome!
I am mystified by the "New Economy" and the engine that provides "More Power from the Least Gas!" What was a gallon of gas in '51? I know. I know. It is unfair to compare 2012 dollars with 1951 dollars, but it still makes you wonder if were possible to have the technology lead the trend in gas prices - meaning - instead of oil prices dictating better mpg, what if a better engine suddenly made oil all but obsolete? Would they cap the wells and still run the price up? Discuss!
 This fold out is so large, I didn't have the time on my standard scanner to grab it piece by piece and stitch it all together

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