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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ad Quiz #16 Mom hates your duck-face..Stoppit! (SOLVED)

Another example in my long-standing testimony that they will say anything to sell you anything. Try and guess  - not the product, but the ailment.
 I thought the ailment was "Duck-face."  Clearly the daughter is riddled with it and Mom is disgusted because it came from Dad's side of the family. 

Well, this is not one of my prouder moments, but the ad is about, what the ad is about. I don't recommend reading the text of the ad unless you are really curious...if you would rather take a hint than read the solution, let me end by suggesting that we put this post behind us. "Nuff said!
By the way, how hemorrhoids could separate you from your children is beyond me...unless they are so big...Ugh! TMI.

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