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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Guess The Gadget - SOLUTION!

 Around 1880, Codman & Shurtleff, of Boston manufactured the improved design you see (above and below) of the binaural stethoscope. There seems to have been several inventors, doctors, etc. working on all sorts of tweaks in design to the basic single tube that had preceded this style. The modification is the screw assembly that allows the spring tension to be adjusted so that the dang thing would stay in the doctor's ear and not fall off. For more on the history of Stethoscopes, go here ( the fourth row of images contains the one that resembles mine.)

The horn is actually made of wood and in a full kit with case (which I do not have), a second horn could be screwed on for possibly a closer listen. 

 This was part of a box of medical equipment I picked up that was hiding under a table smelling pretty musty, I wrote about it Here if you want to see more from the box.

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  1. oop's - didn't read far enough into my emails. found your answer to gadget after my guess.


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