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Monday, July 2, 2012

The 1890's Illustrated News Part 1

How could you go from a talented visual artist reporting from the middle of the Cival War, to the publisher of the 19th century version of the National Enquirer " All the news that's fit to titillate!"
 Arthur Lumley was only in his 20's when he got a job with an Illustrated Newspaper to travel to Virginia to record and report on the fighting between the North and the South. I can't duplicate his drawings because of copy right, but the are very well done. Arthur is lucky to have reported so close to the action and not be killed or wounded as many other reporters, artists and photographers were. 
 He spent a lot of time at this paper, eventually becoming its editor and as you will see in upcoming posts - images were king. Despite the crudeness of how they were drawn and then carved in duplicate so they could be block printed along with the rest of the paper.

These are just a few ads and half of a cover, but I will be posting more soon.

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