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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ad Quiz #19 Guess the Candy (Now with Solution)

I'm on a kind of candy-craze, no, not a sugar-high. I feel like I have been reliving someone else's childhood ever since I created this article for Patch.com.  The subject if that article and this post is candy. For now, join me in my quest for the best of yesterday's candy and try to guess one of my childhood favorites from this ad in a 1963 Life magazine.
 Aw come on... the hints have to help! 

For the solution -  READ BELOW. 

Even though this predates the ad above, it is the iconic jingle that I think I liked more than the candy itself.

How did you do?
 I think they told this kid that if he could spill the whole box into his hand without spilling...he would get a Twinkie. I think it worked and they got the shot they wanted.


  1. love your Patch column and Video Martyr!!!!

  2. Thank you! friendly, yet anonymous, stranger!

  3. Right away the "Charlie says, love that Good N Plenty" popped into my head and I knew I'd nailed it!

  4. Good job! That tune has been stuck in my head for decades...not that that's a bad thing.

  5. what is the name of the product sold using the commercial jingle that goes what do you want when you gotta eat something and its gotta be sweet and its gotta be a lot what do you want


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