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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Your Papers Please! #2

I could  have made this 3 separate posts but I didn't want to post with an eye-dropper. Instead, I have 3 fine examples of identification papers from the past.

With this post I will begin another series. This is Number 2 - if you want to take a look at the first in this series click here.

The first ID came from a scrapbook. It is a great example of the high level of security that existed during WWII. The wife of a lieutenant is granted access to the base while her husband is training or assigned to train many of the Bomber groups before they were assigned a theater of war. Notice the stamp of the 400th Bomber Group...

 In keep with the military theme, I found what I believe is a draft registration card for WWI

And if you wanted to avoid the draft and military altogether this last piece is the one to have. 

 In what was still the golden age of rail travel who wouldn't want a free pass on any train?

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