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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2 US Pins I've Never Seen Before...Have You?

I'm still digging through the "finds" from a Danbury, CT clean-out. Inside an old suitcase was a small flat of jewelry items. Mostly bits and pieces and all moldy and mildly corroded. Several simple pieces were mens monogramed items, but a couple, or at least one was military - and the other was just patriotic, but finely detailed and tiny. Take a look.
 The back is affixed permanently. I am not aware of the name for this. It is not clutch-back or pin back. Any ideas? The age of both of these items is likely early 20th century, but my research ends there.
 I almost missed this flag pin in the box. It is tiny. There are 8 stars and no other markings that I can see without an electron microscope.
The back of the flag is a pin or clutch back but I am too afraid to yank it for fear of snapping it off.


  1. Are you sure that is a pin and not a button?

  2. Good on you L.M.! You are right. The US piece is a button, though not in the traditional sense. I thought it might be for securing an epaulette, though it could have been put in the cuff of a sleeve like a dress shirt. Instead of cuff links it would be these? Maybe?

  3. I worked in a hospital in the 60's and we had similar items like these to replace a button as a closure for our uniform.


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