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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who was Cigar Band Collector Louis Rubin?

In a box of old papers I found what looked like a Cigar Band. However, this one was either oversized or the wrapper of one massive stogie. 
Louis Rubin Cigar Band
Don't call it a stogie, or even a cheroot. Those terms originally referred to a cheap cigar. Cigar band collecting has been going on since cigar makers started wrapping them to fend off counterfeiters in the mid 19th century.  How? By having a fine artist combine with the technology of lithography to create something no other maker could copy. 
Here are some early 20th century bands:
These come courtesy of the Ephemera Society

The only thing I can find for Louis Rubin is that he was world renowned for his cigar band collection and when he died he requested that it be displayed in a museum.  

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