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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Choco-holic's Cookie Quiz (SOLVED)

Yes, I definitely need more Choco-hol. Can you identify these cookies? Some are still around...some, sadly, are not.  How many can you name?
Yes, I left the Nabisco logo there as a hint. 

OK, I'm a little late with the solution, my scanner is acting a little squirrely. In the top spot (or left to right) is my favorite cookie and still made:
A close 2nd, though no longer made (can you find me some?) Pinwheels are basically the same as Mallowmars except they have a hole and a chocolate cookie. Except that there are so few in a box, I could have really spent some good 1964 money on these...
Next up are an old standard. they are still around but were possibly kidnapped by the Keebler Elves. After they got through with them, they lost their sparkle for me.
These next ones are basically rip-offs of Moonpies, which are still around, however, Big Dippers are not. If I really wanted one of these I could just cram 2 Mallowmars together, not that I know anything about that...
Finally, we have these mysterious Ideal peanut bars, which involve coconut somehow. Not sure how they might have tasted, but you could put chocolate on a newspaper and I'd give it a try.

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