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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ad Quiz #24: Matron Spiked the Punch With What!? (SOLVED!)

This illustrated ad from 1947 struck me in many ways. Look at the action and tell me what's going on. Is the mature woman look a little crazed to you. Does she seem responsible? Or, is she only hosting a party for 2 couples and the others are trapped in an odd portrait hanging on the wall?  I don't know, but first you need to tell me what the product is, then we'll take a closer look.
"Drink children, and you be my next wall hanging, he! he! he!"

This is a Welch's Juice ad from Life magazine. The theme confused me on 2 levels - first, I couldn't determine the age of the adult host. She looks too mature to be "Mom," but too young to be "Grandma." 
The other creepy detail is the frame on the wall. Mirror or painting?
  Since it seems to be almost inline with the viewers perspective...where are we in the image, where is the slice of party-goers in the foreground? I am taking a small liberty because the image is 2D (flat) and the mirror could be skewed to the viewer's left (or is that right?). 
Here is the complete ad:

Here is another one of my favorites:

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