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Sunday, March 2, 2014

And the Oscar Went to ...

I always like it when I can find a piece of old paper that coincides with something occurring now. This was the case with a book I uncovered in a basement at an estate sale.
Academy Awards Illustrated 1965 Robert Osborne
Written by Robert Osborne (often seen introducing films on Turner Classic Movies) in 1965, this book gives a retrospective of the winners from the beginning through the publish date. Not a rarity, but it was the slip of paper inside that caused me to buy the book.
Variety 1966 Academy Award Nominees
48 years ago someone bought variety and underlined the winners for that year, this is a game my wife and I play, but we underline our guesses separately prior to the show and the see who "won." Here's a closer look at the nominees.
Variety 1966 Academy Award Nominees croppedVariety 1966 Academy Award Nominees cropped

The big movies that year were "The Sound of Music" and "Dr Zhivago" always interesting to see who was and who wasn't nominated. I got a bigger kick out of a tiny clipping which included the "Shorts" nominated that year. They were not included with the "bigger" awards but more of as a press release. Take a look at the one of the nominees.
Variety 1966 Academy Award Nominees Short subject


I forgot that Jim Henson was nominated for an Academy Award, oddly enough in the "Live Action" category. I remember this film because it was part of a series of films shown to me in a Film Study class in high school. This 8-minute film is a must watch, because it show the mind behind the man way before we knew him as the creator of the Muppets and the many other fantasy worlds he would go on to create. Until it is taken down I present it for you here. It is an art piece, so your comments would be most welcome below. It is awesome, but then, I am a fan.

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