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Thursday, March 27, 2014

These guns are long gone...or are they?

Half the fun of going to estate sales is the nostalgia trip. I often see items from my childhood that I thought I would never see again. Every now and then I am pleasantly surprised.
I would never have been allowed to buy this, like most parents mine hated guns. I would have sided on the camp of seeing these as the tools of imaginative play. For many a battle I was happy with a stick as my army gun. An older kid on my street had one of these and oooh! how I lusted after it. Look at all it does!
 Full of buttons, the designers at Topper certainly knew how to push all of mine. However looking back on it now, I wonder if I lost my imagination some, because upon opening the box, I was under whelmed. (Forgive the photographer, I didn't know it was not in focus.)
I was really hoping to find the original commercial that went with this gem from 1965. Instead, I found something similar from Mattel Toys. Take a look. 

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