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Monday, January 5, 2015

A Small Town Now and Then and Now Again.

I like comparing picture postcards depicting familiar scenes and then attempt to get an updated image to compare the two. Above is Manchester, CT from 2007. I tried to do the right thing by embedding the Google map scene instead of just using a frame grab. My apologies if the map is a little hard to see. 
Manchester CT Post card 1943 Main Street

This card shows a couple of trees that may have survived the years, are they the same ones 70 years later? Look below at the same scene in 2012. If those were the same trees they may lasted 64 years or more but not the next five.

They're gone! either trimmed or the result of a wind storm. Not Sandy, this was taken 2 months before that storm.
This was a typical postcard for 1943, a short sweet gesture to a husband serving in World War II.

You can learn more about the charm of Manchester, CT by visiting their historical society's site.

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