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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Take a Ride on the Wayback Machine 1961

Ahhh..the Wayback. Did you grew up in a time of the larger station wagon and almost no seat belts, or just lap restraints? Then you know the freedom from all rules and restrictions in that part of American heavy metal cars know as the "wayback."  The place in a car beyond the back seat.
1961 Plymouth station wagon
I saw this ad for the 1961 Plymouth, and though it was before my time, the image of the kids in the back struck home. I was one of a million kids that savored this domain - away from big brother and big sister. Though it may have only been eight feet square, to me it was an acre, and that was even if there were boxes or grocery bags there. It was the seat of power through observation. What was the "look?"
That is what I call the way-back-eating grin. He may be even frothing at the mouth. I remember laying back and looking at the sky, clouds and trees as they ran distortedly over the curved window.
1961 Plymouth station wagon full ad


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