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Saturday, January 10, 2015

"BUNG" It's a Funny Word with a Hole Lot of History

Some words connected to some ads just strike me funny. This one was no different. What amazed me was that there was such a company (or companies) that made just bungs. There are companies that made more than just bungs, but not any that I could find that made barrels also. What is a bung?
This is a solid bung, however, they can be bored - as I imagine you might be now. If not a search would lead you to a long discussion, testimony actually, on the taxation in rail traffic of bung quantities. Really! go here if you dare.

My search lead me to a much more interesting site by an interesting soul who researched the background of a young boy of 15 who lost his arm in a bung manufacturing company. To read this interesting slice of the past and more - go to his site here. it cost Luther Watson his arm but it won't cost you a cent. 

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