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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For What Ails Ya....Wahoo!

I promised to feature more from this book of remedy's from this earlier post. A fascinating assortment of household, medical, saloon, etc. advice from the 1860's.
After doing some research I've found that the Wahoo is also a fish, but the book is referring to the plant (no, there's no Indian tribe known as the Wahoos).  However, it is a fact that Chief Wahoo is the mascot of the Cleavland Indians, but many native Americans feel this is degrading. I prefer not to dwell on other peoples political incorrectness, or oversensitivity. If you would like to see a Wahoo plant go here. Very informative.

If you should be bitten by a rabid...something, here is a page for you.  I don't know when it stopped being called Hydrophobia and became the more familiar Rabies, But here are some cures.
The book and pages are so warped I have trouble scanning something that looks fully readable. I would like to be able to flatten it out, but unfortunately there's no cure for that.

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