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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Not a lot in this one, but the card is from 1949 and I hung on to it because it made me laugh.  I think the quotation marks are not only unnecessary, but they point the meaning of the "Switch" in an ugly direction. Isn't the graphic message enough to convey the pun of switching your interest in one person and directing it to the sender of the card?  I would argue, that with the quotation marks added, what the card now indicates is that the sender would like the receiver to change their sexual orientation and come on over the their team.  Wow, nothing unfunnier than taking something funny and dissecting it until there isn't a scrap of humor left in it. Sorry about that.  For a much funnier look at Unnecessary Quotations I invite you to visit a blog by the same name.  She has been collecting and accepting samples from around the world for 5 years and some of them are truly laugh out loud. Click Here or the link above.

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