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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silents, Please

It had to have been a little more pleasurable in 1925 to sit down in a movie theatre and not have to "Shush!" anyone.  What sound could you make that would distract someone from a silent movie, or drown out the organ accompaniment?  A while back I was at an estate sale and found a box of papers and in it was a hand bill from this movie theatre:
The star Corinne Griffith was a well know star who had 60 films to her credit by age 22. She did not make it into the sound era, but instead retired in to real estate. She amassed a fortune and died in 1979 as one of the richest women in the world. Visit IMDB for more about her. Here is a picture of her from a book I reported on in an earlier post:

What I really wanted, but couldn't find was a still of the exact location of the Plaza Theater, in Totowa New Jersey.  I can find the intersection of Union and Redmond on Google street view, unfortunately urban blight has robbed all the charm and possibly the theatre as well, take a look:

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There were other movies playing that summer and although this hand bill is missing some of the pages (assumption based on the last page) it is still an excellent sample of the marketing of silent movies of the 1920's in pre-depression America. (feels good to say that).


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