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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking the Pain out of Campaign Advertising

Like everyone else I am glad the election is over - mostly because the ads are over too. But maybe you can handle one more....from 1973.
1973 Campaign Ad

Because politics is as much about who we are and what we do - it isn't uncommon for me to find old pictures of people being Republican or Democrat and being proud. 
1973 Campaign Ad
 When I’m digging, picking or dumpster-diving I have no agenda, no political affiliations. I do, however, believe in the right to find things, take pictures of them and tell and re-tell the story of what it is and how I found it.
 Finding campaign memorabilia is just as good as all the other things I find. It’s a snapshot or milestone of local history, and if I’m lucky enough - national history.
My favorite piece is the last image of the Republic Club of Danbury performing the musical “HMS Pinafore” at the Empress Theater in 1921. This Danbury, CT building was built around 1850 and was known as the Princess Theater until it was converted to show movies and became the Empress. It’s still an entertainment venue today though it had been reduced in size from what is pictured here.

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