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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1957 First Aid Booklet...could be your last.

Once upon a time we were so smart. We knew exactly what to do for every situation...and then something changed and now that information makes no sense - what-so-ever.  This was from a pack of consumer information guides and stood out because of the illustrations and seriously dated medical procedures...
1957 First Aid Booklet1957 First Aid Booklet

I had to add balloons to some of these...
1957 First Aid Booklet inside cover
This one below is my favorite: The dispensing of Brandy for a heart attack has to have been updated since 1957 right? Otherwise I would think lots of of stressed males would be having heart attacks around happy hour...or maybe when it's about time to take out the trash. 

You'll need to click on these (especially this one) to get the full effect. Below are a list of poisons and the antidote. In most cases I recognize neither the poison nor the cure.

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