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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Games People Don't Play...anymore

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, there were almost no sales to dig through. I did find one Estate sale  in Roxbury, actually a "repeat."  Through no fault of the estate sale service there is sometimes more items for sale that can be handled in one weekend. I didn't buy anything, but I did find a few things worth photographing.

with as much volatility and alleged and actual corruption - a game like this from 1955 comes across as funny. "2 to six players of any age"  ANY!?  I think I found why there is so much trouble with today's economy....not that the stock market has anything to do with that. I wonder when they'll be coming out with "Hedge Fund - The Game!"
 Maybe this family has just played "The Stock Market" which is why they're "Bent Outta Shape." I snapped this shot because I am sure the cover art was done by one of the veterans of MAD magazine. They do like like they're hopped up on goof balls. Not much on the internet about this except a few versions for sale.  This one is from 1984.

I wished I'd looked to see the date of this, but judging by the graphics my guess would be mid-1940s. Although I'm not a cynic I love the fact that "Sorry" is over "Life." However, it turns out that they still do make this game.

Finally I will leave you with a little magic.
Not a game, but contains and element of play, unless of course junior decides to take up the black arts. I really like the mix of languages on the cover although "super" may be the same in may languages. If you can see the bottom edge on the box you will see the Canary Islands and the home of the company that sells this.

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