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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hypnotised by the best- SEXTUS!

I am often bound by books (instead of the other way around) because of the title, subject matter, age, images, author's name. In the case of this book, its all of them. Here's the cover:

 Though the cover is a little worn the book is in pretty good shape for 1893. I couldn't get enough of the symbol in the front, it was almost as if I had to buy this book.
The author is Carl Sextus and being the pun-ster and wordsmith I claim to be, this name needs to be published with all it's implied impropriety. Here is the man himself:
I am not one who believes in the restorative and manipulative power of hypnotism as Mr. Sextus promotes. This book is large and full of all the angles of Hypnosis, including how to hypnotize animals. Much of the book really seems to be said in defense of Hypnotism as if the author knows it isn't real but is convincing readers by using example after example, through personal testimonial of how he was able to accomplish his results. 
 Many of the plates feature Sextus at work:

Carl seems to be ready to do his Sextus thing on the ladies, or anyone who will watch. There is a disclaimer in the book that frowns upon using this talent to take advantage of the weak and unwilling...the willing, however, should steer clear of Carl.


  1. Hello! You should research a bit more, hypnosis is very real and well documented, not like presented in that book of course, but not as you present it here either. To put it in context, the book is 120 years old ;) A lot has changed in hypnosis knowledge since then.
    But I do appreciate your presenting this book! It is a rare find, worth around 75-100$ on the market, (about 50$ in that condition) highly collectible. That is the first edition. Up to 1907 they were already at the fifth edition, also very rare today. So imagine the first edition!
    Best regards,

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention, the guy's name is Carl Sextus Br√łndberg : "Sextus" was a very common and popular name at that time, it is latin.




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