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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stanley is soooo Steamed!

I know it's killing you...what is the answer to AD Quiz #15!!! Well, while you're thinking of an answer take a look at this box of dry plate glass negatives. 
This has to be about 100 years old because it was around 1904 that the Stanley brothers sold their dry plate photographic negative business to Kodak. This was so they could focus on their main passion:
Francis and Freelan Stanley (twins) were born in 1849 and sold their first car in 1897. They lasted into the late 'teens finally succumbing to the "internal explosion engine" which could be made and sold for less money. Steam powered cars, theirs especially, set and held speed records and many other firsts for almost 15 years. The idea of a steam boiler on a car sounds dangerous, but their design was safe and no injury was ever reported from over heating.

Ad Quiz solution is coming!  Submit your guess before the cookie-monster in the apron gets you!


  1. Thnx for sharing your Stanley Steamer finds. Have never seen the opener b4. Nice!
    ~Stanley School, Kingfield ME alumni (grades 4 thru 8)

  2. Thanks DD. The opener was a promo piece from a New Milford, CT business in the early 20th century "Arcade Machine works." I would like to the history of the Stanley School. Was it started by them or named for them?

    1. Named for them. they were from kingfield. Their house is now a B&B.The school is now The Stanley Museum, dedicated to "all things Stanley" and even have a restored Stanley Steamer car that they give rides in.


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