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Friday, May 22, 2015

California or Bust!

This is another single image from the pick last weekend - I will have to guess what it means, though the clues within this image reveal a turbulent time in American history.
 During the drought that affected the mid-west in the 1930's thousands of people packed up and left to find work and better farming. The east coast was already well settled, but California held more promise. Many people turned their vehicles into living quarters and moved out. This image is tantalizing in that it shows just a piece of the camper/trailer. Could it be for tourism or migration? The fact that they wrote "...to California" tells me it was a statement of the times. The was more to the story:
"Lizzie Ford" could be a person but I doubt it. The Model T "Tin Lizzie" was made from 1908 to 1927. This doesn't help with dating the photo or even verify the migration? or vacation? question. Can you pull more clues from the images?  Help is always appreciated.

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