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Monday, May 25, 2015

More found photos of WWII - This Memorial Day

Old photos are appealing to me. A moment in time and their purpose may have only been known to the souls frozen for that moment on a piece of paper (or glass!) This set is an interesting combo, but the most important one may be of the forgotten fighters.
The only identification was penned on one edge "Combat Drill." This Black unit was a common rarity as segregation during WWII was the norm, yet Blacks weren't trained for combat on a one-to-one basis with White soldiers. This was an irony because many many americans, black and white enlisted after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It wasn't until later in the war that platoons of black americans were trained and marched into battle. The reports from high command praised them for their cunning and tenacity against enemy positions. Sadly, when the fighting ended, these same troops were relegated back to segregated positions.  I wish I could make out which platoon these troops were from.
 Other random images in this collection show possibly combat or training and
 A soldier named John, but that would help me identify him. And
 This image which depicts a soldier gluing a shoe and another in pants that are clearly too long for him - odd.
 These three look like a 2-3 day pass would serve them well, although I am guessing that the 2nd girl is the date of the photographer.
 These last 2 are awesome images straight from inflight during maneuvers, or possibly a mission. I am hoping a visitor can help me identify the coding on the top of each for exact meaning. I know that one image shows the atoll of Wotje - which there is much written online - click here.
And, this last image is Kwajalein another strategic win for the allies once the Japanese were defeated here.

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