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Saturday, June 29, 2019

“A loaf of Bread, A jug of Wine, and.... nothing spectacular.”

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“A loaf of Bread, A jug of Wine, and.... nothing spectacular.” The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is a classic. I have never read it, but being the oldest looking book at an estate sale guarantees I’ll give it a look. That’s what happen at an estate sale in Middlebury CT on Friday. I’m not planning to read it, though it’s probably on innumerable must-read lists. I’m interested in what’s been hidden inside. The Rubiayat did not disappoint. As you can see tucked inside was this column from Ann Landers in 1969. It’s a classic letter that would have you believe its real -however, it is far too entertaining to be a candid “Please publish this” letter. To sum it up - This wife admits that when she married her husband he was “nothing spectacular” in the looks department, but after 25 years of marriage is now a Chick Magnet. “Young or old drunk or sober” are attracted to him, and now fears she will lose him. It’s funny to try and interpret whats being said and its veracity because all my study of Fitzgerald’s work in translating Omar’s quatrains says the same. Though initially a poor seller the work caught on and became world renowned in the 19th century. Now it is mainly criticized for Fitzgerald’s seemingly bold admission that he really wasn’t sure exactly what was being said and made up his own interpretation. I’m sure Ann would probably confess a similar sin of some of her work as well. You’ll have to read and make up your own mind . For me? A loafer of a writer, too much wine and that’s all folks!

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