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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ad Quiz #11 Die! Hippie! Die!

Can you guess what's really happening in this image?
I miss the old ads (yes, this one is fairly old), advertising agencies gave us a lot to think about during this particular period. The actual message for this product is clear (if you are willing to guess), but the sub-text speaks volumes about the intended audience, the key demographic, and all the other marketing lingo I love to throw around. If you can guess the product, I will send you the magazine it came from. Yes, you heard right, something from my personal collection. You have until Thursday evening (7/8/11) to name the product and manufacturer. Good luck.


  1. Your both very close, but not in a shaving kind of way. I have posted the solution above this one.Take a look, and thank you for guessing.


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