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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mattel Thingmaker.....Freaky Blogmaker Kit

Most definitely click for a larger image!
I plucked another gem out of my memory banks. Thanks to a Bridgewater estate sale this weekend. No, I didn't buy it, instead I snapped a couple of shots before the watchful eye of the estate sale service came back in the room.  Leave it to Mattel Inc. to come up with the kind of toys, and accompanying commercials that made things like the "Thingmaker" a true Gotta get!  And curse them as well for going too far with the coolness factor and making parents too nervous to put this under the tree at Christmas (or insert your favorite gift-getting occasion here). Typically, a street with 15 kids on it and only one would have their wish granted, those were crappy odds, but certainly boosted one person's popularity. 

But wait! There's More! This is the Thingmaker 3!!!!  Man, I couldn't get the smaller sets and they're dangling 3 in 1 over my head. Maybe there should have been molds for making creepy crawly Mattel executives. No, you couldn't make Freaky Blogs with it, that's just me having a little fun. Here is the clean image:
Click for a larger image
Can't say I blame my parents for not getting this. How bad an idea is it to put a hot plate in the hands of 6-12 year old kids? I don't see any warning for parental supervision...do you? This one like all the others I have ever seen were well used...up.
No Plastigoop here!  This really brings back memories and if I seem negative about this toy it's only because I wasn't one of the 15 kids on my street to get it. Here is the Wikipedia page for Creepy Crawlies and Thingmaker sets. If only they would create the "Zombie Apocalypse" edition, I might actually buy it..

1 comment:

  1. Heh!
    The next door neighbors gave a thingmaker set to me an my brother as reward (or to P-Off) my parents for watching their kids for a few hours.
    Apparently it was re-gifted; too dangerous for their own kids! Sure we got 2nd degree burns here an there, but those creepy crawler were worth it!!


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