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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Putting the "Me" in Media

I have to do a couple of "shout-outs" to 2 venerable publications; one established and well known, and the other just about a year old but certainly headed for greatness. They both deserve my thanks and your patronage (both are listed in Sites worth visiting on the left.)

I will start with the latter:
About a year ago a friend of mine told me about a new Arts and Literature magazine that was born from a writers group in a nearby town. I felt as though some of my blog posts might have reached the level where I could present them to an editor to see if one would hold up in print.  I also wanted to see if the drawings I have been doing had reached that same level.  On a whim, I met the publication's deadline and though I was rejected for the written word I was welcomed for my drawings. It was an honor to be in such a nicely designed and high quality product. I was again honored in March for their Spring edition with this drawing. I can now officially announce that I am 3 for 3! The Summer edition of "The Newtowner" has printed a 3rd drawing of mine.

 I am under a contractual obligation to not publish the work anywhere else until a few months after this latest edition has been out. The people who put the magazine together are the nicest group of people you could ever meet, and I say this because I have gotten to know them, not because they graciously publish my cartoons. The magazine is full of thoughtful pieces contributed by regular folks as well as the regular staff. There is a young person section and excellent poetry, photography and art as well. If you are looking for a potential outlet for your own creations, or just want to explore the creativity of some Connecticut folks, I recommend picking up a copy. If for no other reason, "The Newtowner" looks damn fine on any coffee table.

Even bigger news came from the chance meeting of a reporter from the Litchfield County Times during this year's Hills Film Festival in New Milford, CT. I was there to support my friends Frank and Patrice Galterio, who built the festival from the ground up, and support my team as we attempted cover it for the local community channel. I saw a photographer there and struck up a conversation. When he told me he had a blog with his paper, I came back and said "Hey, I'm a blogger, too!" Within 6 weeks he had taken a sample of my blog and passed it along to his editor, who at the time, was looking for "community bloggers." My proximity to their coverage area and the topics I cover make me a good fit for their readers and I am now officially a community blogger for the Litchfield County Times! You can see my diminutive space on the "blogs" page of the county times by going here. You'll have to scroll to the bottom, but if you want a graphic depiction (since you are already here), here is a composite of the page itself (I craftily cut and pasted myself to the top- for demonstration only).
Stop by and take a look. My last 4 posts are updated, so my space there will never go stale.  Thanks again to the "The Newtowner" and the "Litchfield County Times" for giving me some additional outlets to find readers.

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