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Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's on Your Stationery?

Every time I find something old, whether it's paper, a fossil, or some piece of some old gadget or product, I feel good. Why is that? Old paper can sit in a box somewhere; acidified, crumbling, and few notice or spend more that a minute or two appreciating it. Me? I have to scan it; put it under a microscope, read the handwritten notes and draw some conclusion has to what happened. RIP Betty Ford and thank you for conquering your addictions and helping others, but what about me?  A few months ago, some very good friends let me into a small warehouse where old business papers were kept . They let me look around, but I don't know if they knew what they had done. My eyes became fixed and dilated, i began feeling my clothes for a magnifier and wishing I had some poly-page protector sleeves.  (Does this make them enablers?). This week they let me borrow a small collection of these papers. Am I happy? Let's just say, I got my "fix."
Despite millions and millions of YouTube views this ad is proof that an image of a cat inside a container is hardly new. This 90 year-old ad must have sold fairly well given the effect cats have on humans. Please watch "Exhibit A"

A brief shout out to my friends. Thank you!  And don't worry, we'll find a cure for "Papyrus interruptus" someday!

And as a public service announcement to all of you, Remember: "Friends don't let friends drive... by estate sales."

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  1. Looks like Dustbane is still around, and still HQed in Ottawa. Here's a PDF from 2009 or 2010 with the Original Sweeping Compound 100th Aniv. Formula featured at the bottom of the page. Looks like they're selling it in replica old packaging.

    Here's some something on Baer Bros:


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