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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Embarassing Babies? Send them to the Hand cause the ears don't want to hear it!

I just can't get enough of poorly designed, over-the-top ads, whose only intention was to be so ridiculous it would attract the attention of any page-turner to glance over and see what the fuss was. There are many better examples than this, but it is the depiction of these four disgusted adults who look more abhorrent that the poor sad baby.
Really, who wants to have a crying baby. They wake the neighbors, cause looks of disdain and get you  kicked out of the bridge club on tuesdays...really!  But wait! Dr Hand has the answer!
Apply it every day? As often as needed? "till teething is over? This kid is going to need his own wing at the Betty Ford Center. What is in this stuff? Well, at least it won't spoil his mouth or cause crooked teeth like those horrible teething rings? Maybe this doctor's quacking will stop the baby from crying.

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