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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LSD - Saves You Money! Fun British Ads

Who says LSD can't be good clean fun? I like how when you make a vague drug reference and attach it to a  model - How easily the model begins to look drug-crazed. 
 OK, so this is post-post war England, but ...Minor Wounds!?  Get that kid to a trauma center STAT!
  This is a double! (Click to enlarge) First, I love the unnecessary extra redundant "S" to show possession. Maybe that's how the Irish do it? Second, The subtext that refers to this as the best non-alcoholic drink like e-ver! And then flips to say, "Aw heck, a little whiskey wouldn't hurt?" Just keep it on the down low. I suppose adding the whiskey is how the extra "S" gets added on "Hick!"

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