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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ad Quiz #15 - Solution - Dad's a junk food junkie

There a really good social commentary song that I found through the old "Dr Demento Show."  Who is Dr Demento?  Well, back when Radio was fun. No, not the 30's & 40's when Little Orphan Annie was trying to sell you Oval-tine. I'm dating myself and talking about the  70's  (respect to you gentle reader and whatever era was your favorite) when radio was owned by more than 2 companies and a few non-profits.  It wasn't perfect, but they tried a lot harder to entertain with syndicated series and fewer computer-generated playlists. But let's get to the solution, and then I will reward you with a great comedy song.
Yup, slice up some dextrose and bake it into cookies and you have yourself a genuine "Steppford Husband."
It might actually not be a bad, though expensive, ingredient but now I sound like I've "sipped the Kool-aid" with a batch of dextrose-laced cookies. This cookie would definitely qualify you as an official "Junk food Junkie." 

I have heard that The Twinkie has been asked to walk the green mile. It is amazing how this song, which was written in the 70's makes reference to products that are still around today.   

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  1. Yes, the makers of Twinkies and wonder bread have been around for a long, time, but things may be changing.



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